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Adhong helped us to recap the first day.

Participants stood up in a circle and had to say..

“My name is …”

“I am going to the moon”

“I am bringing [something that begins with the first letter of the name]”

The challenge was to bring to the moon something that was linked to yesterday’s activities…

but we ended up bringing to the moon many things connected to the Standing Team, but not with yesterday’s activities!

So a recap by Adhong followed.


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Some time for ourselves… to look back at what we did and what we learned.

A questionnaire to fill in.

And then, setting in a circle, we share our learning and our funniest memories from the workshop.

  • Tabulation/analysis matrix
  • Workshop facilitation
  • How to organize reports and gear them toward different audiences
  • Making new friends
  • Eating new kinds of food
  • Digging deeper into roles and responsibilities and each step of an evaluation process

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Harun lead us to a nice exercise to recap the work so far.

Participants worked in groups.

They were asked to write down keywords about the workshop… but in alphabetical order.
The list were then presented and the best, most relevant list was voted. To check quality and relevance of the keywords, each team was asked to pick up 3 keywords, and explain what new things they learnt yesterday about them. When one keyword was explained, the other groups could not talk about it again.

And this is the winning list

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Every morning we review the contents of the previous day to ensure we take away the key messages. In this activity, a quiz was presented…and the winners were the team “Nasi Goreng!”

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