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The Emergency Capacity Building Project has launched the interagency Standing Team.The Standing Team is a group of agency staff who offer assistance through deployments in implementing accountability and impact measurement initiatives. In a typical deployment, over a two to four week period, two to four Standing Team members will carry out the work as defined in a terms of reference prepared for the assignment by interested country offices. Possibilities for deployments include: * Joint evaluations of emergency programs * Reviews to assess and document current practice of accountability and impact measurement and advise and assist field staff in making improvements * Training, induction and coaching of field staff on accountability and impact measurement practices in emergencies, including on the Good Enough Guide * Promote the implementation of lessons learnt from previous deployments and evaluations * Documentation of field practice on accountability and impact measurement to share widely across agencies and encourage institutional change See more here: http://www.ecbproject.org/InterAgencyStandingTeam

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